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How will you use the GROW method to improve a food experience?


Right now, new USDA guidelines are causing big changes to school lunches, and sometimes change is hard. Kids are throwing out a lot of healthy food. School food directors who once ordered all their (canned, boxed, and frozen) food months in advance, are having a hard time handling all the fresh produce they need to order.

The Lunch Box is a free online resource for schools, parents, and advocates to create healthy school lunches that kids love. We will implement the GROW method using the following steps:

SAVE FOOD: Create a new database of recipes for delicious meals that meet the USDA guidelines and that kids will eat instead of throw out.

SEASONAL and SUPPORT: Provide tools to help schools order and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from local and regional growers.

LESS: Include plenty of vegetarian recipes so schools have lots of options for their "meatless" Mondays or vegetarian alternatives.

COOK SMARTER: Provide training videos to help school staff cook efficiently.

How will you use the $1,000 grant to turn your idea into a reality?

Food Family Farming Foundation (F3) is embarking on a Lunch Box Expansion Project. We'll put the $1,000 toward this project, which will include:

1) website upgrades and modifications to make it easier for visitors to find the tools they need;
2) an expanded recipe database and a nutritional analysis component that are compatible with the new USDA guidelines;
3) a restructured menu planner that syncs with the recipes and assists districts in designing USDA-compatible menus; and
4) procurement models and tools to help school districts develop market relationships with local and regional producers and purveyors of sustainably-grown food.

This project is a big one, and every donation helps us to reach schools across the country.

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